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The 365 Foundation’s New Focus on Prison Reform and Reentry

The United States is facing an alarming increase in the number of women being held behind bars. A staggering three-quarters of female detainees at local jails meet criteria for both mental health diagnoses and substance abuse issues. Additionally, many have experienced trauma such as sexual assault or physical violence during their childhoods or adulthood; this has led to a high percentage with co-existing psychological disorders upon entering prison facilities as many as two-thirds require immediate attention from mental health professionals upon admittance into these institutions highlighting the need for alternative solutions that are efficient yet effective when dealing with this population’s unique needs.

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The correlation between traumatic experiences and incarceration is well documented among women prisoners. Many report disruptions during childhood that led to substance abuse problems or deviant behavior, ultimately resulting in their imprisonment later. The prevalence of mental health issues such as PTSD alongside addiction challenges makes it difficult for correctional facilities’ staff members who are tasked with providing treatment options for these individuals effectively. However, existing modalities used successfully elsewhere may not be practical within an institutional setting due to various constraints, including available resources.

The 365 Foundation has identified Prison Reform and Reentry as a critical issue in the United States due to its alarming rise in female incarceration rates. As such, they have partnered with Montgomery County’s Reentry Initiative while advocating for legislative changes through the Joint State Government Commission’s efforts toward public education and community service initiatives to address this pressing matter head-on. With their unwavering commitment to making meaningful change within society’s most marginalized communities – The 365 Foundations’ contributions cannot be overstated enough!

The 365 Foundation is a diverse group of individuals, including formerly incarcerated men and women, social service providers, academics, attorneys, city/state agency staff members non, non-profit organizations, leaders from faith-based communities, and concerned citizens. who have come together with one common goal – to make positive changes within the criminal justice system through advocacy work that addresses issues related to confinement conditions for those behind bars or reintegrating back into society after serving time. The foundation has established three committees: Crossing Fences- Conditions of Confinement & Reentry; Incarcerated Mothers; and Art Therapy Treatment for Incarcerated Women.  These Committees and the Board of Directors meet every month.

These groups are dedicated to creating solutions to improve the lives of people affected by mass incarceration while promoting public safety measures that benefit everyone involved.

The 365 Foundation is dedicated to supporting and collaborating with currently or formerly incarcerated women regardless of their race, ethnicity, faith, disability status, gender identity, age, immigration standing, or sexual orientation. Our commitment extends beyond just words—we take action to create a more inclusive society where everyone has access to opportunities for growth and development. Join us today!

For more information about the 365 Foundation’s services, please visit or contact Natalie Venezia at na*****@36*.foundation.

Natalie Venezia
Executive Director
365 Foundation Inc.
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The 365 Foundation’s New Focus on Prison Reform and Reentry
Article Name
The 365 Foundation’s New Focus on Prison Reform and Reentry
The 365 Foundation has decided to focus on Prison Reform and Reentry due to the increasing number of incarcerated women in the United States.
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365 Foundation Inc.
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