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CrowdFunding Campaigns

365 Foundation CrowdFunding Campaigns

Up to 90% of incarcerated people will come back into your community. Wouldn’t it be better to help them heal and provide creative outlets to work through their traumas that occurred before and during incarceration and provide them with job skills to earn a living and reduce recidivism?

Prison Art Program

Crossing Fences: Prison Art Program is a series of restorative art exhibitions designed for women in prisons, jails, and reentry facilities.

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VR Auto Technician Training Program and Certification

Automotive Technical Training for Women Coming Home From Prison

This program can ease the transition of newly released incarcerated women by teaching highly valuable automotive repair and maintenance skills and introducing them to unavailable career opportunities before their incarceration.

The VR program aims to address the growing need for highly skilled auto technicians by leveraging the power of virtual reality technology. Through immersive simulations and training modules, students can gain practical experience and develop the expertise needed to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving automotive landscape.

Everyone should have access to economic opportunity. That’s why the 365 Foundation is offering an Automotive Technical Training Program. This program will train those women impacted by incarceration on automotive skills they can use to get a job in the automotive industry.

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Authorship Program For Formerly Incarcerated Women

Authorship Program: Empowering Women: Authorship Program For Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Publishing offers these women a platform to share their unique experiences and perspectives, often shedding light on systemic issues such as poverty, abuse, addiction, and inequality that may have contributed to their incarceration. By voicing their stories, they challenge prevailing stereotypes and contribute to a broader understanding of the multifaceted human condition. This process validates their journeys and resonates with readers who may find common ground in shared struggles or be prompted to reconsider preconceived notions about justice and redemption.

Moreover, engaging in the publishing process equips formerly incarcerated women with tangible skills—writing proficiency, critical thinking, project management—that enhance employability and self-sufficiency. These capabilities are instrumental in facilitating successful reintegration into society, where stable employment is crucial for reducing recidivism rates. Importantly, the empowerment derived from publishing instills a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. As these women see their work appreciated by audiences and critics alike, they begin to view themselves as authors rather than ex-offenders—individuals capable of making meaningful contributions to culture and discourse.
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