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About The 365 Foundation

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The 365 Foundation is a statewide organization based in Pennsylvania, dedicated to improving the criminal justice system as it affects justice-impacted women. The increasing number of incarcerated women highlights the need for community-based alternative programs that address the underlying reasons for their crimes. Our focus is on addressing issues that women face while incarcerated, such as mothers and their children, domestic violence survivors in prison, the medical and mental health of women prisoners, and transitional services and work release programs for female prisons.

The 365 Foundation collaborates with the Montgomery County Reentry Initiative and carries out legislative and policy advocacy for the Joint State Government Commission. We are committed to public education and community service. Our members comprise formerly justice-impacted women and men, social service providers, academics, attorneys, city and state agency staff, non-profit organizations, faith and community leaders, and concerned individuals.

The 365 Foundation has three committees – Crossing Fences: Conditions of Confinement and Re-entry, Incarcerated Mothers, and Art Therapy Treatment for Incarcerated Women. These committees and the Board of Directors meet monthly to discuss relevant issues.

The 365 Foundation is open to everyone and is committed to working for and with currently and formerly impacted women, regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, disability, gender identity, age, immigration status, or sexual orientation.

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