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‘In the Pink’

In the Pink- Women, Find Your Voice!

Welcome to ‘In the Pink’. The talk show/pod cast/YouTube series that celebrates the women that in today’s world often get overlooked. ‘In the Pink’ seeks to raise these women up and highlight the countless accomplishments they have achieved while educating people on the struggles that remain and those on the horizon.

From tech executives and policymakers to rappers and modern-day literary legends, today’s most influential and inspiring women from all walks of life who in their own way, have been making strides for gender equality in their communities and respective industries.

‘In the Pink’ seeks to be a fresh, revitalizing voice in contemporary feminism that welcomes complex arguments and new ideas in our communities.

The host will interview some of the most groundbreaking, badass women who will share their stories of doing extraordinary things to change perceptions and challenge the status quo In honor of the power of feminism and gender equality.

In our series, we will focus on honest, lived experiences and elevating the voices of women who might otherwise not have a chance to be heard. A sample of some of our weekly talk show topics is below.

Topics to be Mentioned in the first 13 Episodes:

  • Hip Hop-Feminist of Color
  • Female Activist You Need to Know
  • Female Empowerment Through Fashion
  • The Women Who are Redefining Gaming
  • #MeToo Movement, Still Going Strong?
  • Female Role Models in Finance
  • Inspiring Non-Profits and the Women Behind Them
  • Kicking Traditional Beauty Standards to the Curb
  • Breaking the Comic Book Ceiling-Female Graphic Novelists Making a Mark
  • Roles of Women in Local Politics
  • Supporting Female Owned Businesses
  • Religion’s Influence on Female Empowerment
  • New Generation of Artists Capturing Feminism


To learn more about our ‘In The Pink’ Podcast Series and how you can contribute, contact:

Natalie Venezia
Founder and CEO
365 Foundation Inc.
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