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Welcome to the 365 Foundation

As advocates, we fight for women’s rights, equality, and justice. The 365 Foundation works towards ensuring that women have equal rights to men in all areas of everyday life including education, employment, the arts, and political participation.

Through our many programs and events, we will raise awareness about gender inequality, sexual harassment, equal pay, creative representation, building a culture of respect for women veterans, and creating a safe and supportive community for all women.

Our team of successful local female leaders and advocates work within the community to fight for the rights and support women who have continued to be marginalized. The goal of our grassroots advocacy is to mentor and train women to develop tools to go after leadership roles in their communities and to continue this legacy of women supporting women.

Events and programs will focus on creating opportunities for women in the arts and sciences, mentoring support and training on advanced leadership skills, and joining forces with other local women’s advocacy organizations so we can learn from each other and make a bigger impact in our local communities to change social norms.

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