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Please Join Us To Celebrate International Women's Day and Our First Female Solo Artist on Friday, March 8th @ 7pm-9pm

Kristina Bivona will present the inaugural solo art exhibition Paper Dolls at 365 Foundation by filling the gallery with pop-up books and experimental prints. Acting as a bridge between women’s liberation and the complexities of being sexualized, underpaid, disenfranchised, and still celebratory for our identities Bivona grapples with high femme queer presentation in Paper Dolls. The exhibition will pull at the tangled fibers of femininity, criminality, sex work, capital, and stigma through playful prints made from the lotion that weeps when left on the wall, slick body grade silicone, Martha Stewart’s royal icing, and dollar store petroleum jelly. She will also share a double-sided tunnel book, and an oversized book hanging from the ceiling, with a growing collection of multi-dimensional tunnel and carousel pop-up books. The exhibition will also feature a melting woman in candle form and an altar to alternative women’s health. Please join us the March 8th- April 7th for over twenty years of Kristina Bivona’s experimental art. All works are for sale and please join us for her upcoming opening, artist talk, and public events (TBA).

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