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Crossing Fences: Prison Art Program Exhibition to be on Display at the 365 Foundation Art Gallery in 2024-2025

The United States imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation—currently more than 1.8 million. While more than 600,000 Americans are released from prisons annually, two-thirds are rearrested within three years. Each year, the nation spends over $80 billion to incarcerate and reincarcerate people. Beyond the financial impact, the cycle of crime and incarceration produces broken relationships, victimization, despair, and instability, impacting families and communities across the nation. Something isn’t working.

The 365 Foundation will work to restore America’s criminal justice system and those it affects. We aim to help women replace the cycle of trauma that landed them in prison. We advocate for justice reform and activate grassroots networks to do the same. We equip wardens to bring restorative change to their facilities.

This initiative created by the 365 Foundation hopes to change lives by offering a rare opportunity for female incarcerated artists to exhibit their artwork every six months (twice a year). Still, this initiative is not just about art. It’s about understanding the unique challenges incarcerated women face, a crucial step toward promoting their well-being. The Prison Art Program exhibition is a new program under the 365 Foundations 2024-2025 initiative, Crossing Fences.

Donations made for this program will help support this program, which is designed to reduce recidivism and help create productive members of society.


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