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Mayoral Musings: Opening of the 365 Foundation on West Main Street

by Mayor Garry Herbert, Lansdale PA

I am proud to announce that the 365 Foundation — a non-profit grassroots organization spearheaded by influential local female leaders — is ushering in a new era for the Lansdale community by opening a formal headquarters here in the borough signaling a significant milestone in its relentless pursuit of empowering women.  Read More Here

Turning trauma into beauty: 365 Foundation gives space for women to grow

The 365 Foundation, a nonprofit advocating for gender equality, recently launched in Lansdale. The grand opening premiered artwork by female Ukrainian refugee artists and united with this diverse suburb of Philadelphia over the importance of empowering women in our communities.

The grassroots organization, founded by CEO Natalie Venezia, mainly serves as a safe space for women in the creative arts, but also supports female veterans, incarcerated women, and the LGBTQ+ community, among others. Read More Here

365 Foundation to Celebrate International Women’s Day with Artist Kristina Bivona

Kristina Bivona will present the inaugural solo art exhibition Paper Dolls by filling the gallery with pop-up books and experimental prints. Acting as a bridge between women’s liberation and the complexities of being sexualized, underpaid, disenfranchised, and still celebratory for our identities, Bivona grapples with high femme queer presentation in Paper Dolls. Read More Here


365 Foundation Celebrates Women’s Day Friday With Inaugural Exhibition by Kristina Bivona

365 Foundation Inc., a new grassroots nonprofit at 305 W. Main St. in Lansdale dedicated to promoting and empowering women in the community, has chosen Bivona as its inaugural female solo artist and will celebrate her and International Women’s Day at its Art Gallery Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at a ticketed event. State Representative Elizabeth Hanbidge will be the keynote speaker.

Kristina’s art work will be on exhibit until April 7.

Bivona’s exhibition “Paper Dolls” showcases pop-up books and experimental prints that explore complexities of femininity, sexuality, and identity, according to Natalie Venezia, founder and CEO of 365 Foundation. All works are for sale at the exhibition.

Art fans and attendees to the exhibit, which runs until April 7, can expect themes of high-femme queer presentation, sex work, capital, and stigma, Venezia said.  Read More Here

Lansdale Women’s Empowerment Nonprofit 365 Foundation to Be Featured on ‘The American Dream’

The 365 Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and empowering women in the community, will be featured on an upcoming episode of the Emmy-nominated TV show “The American Dream.” TV host Kimberley Porter will film an entire segment on the foundation, its mission, podcast, and other initiatives.

“This is a pivotal moment for us at the 365 Foundation,” said Natalie Venezia, the organization’s Executive Director. “Being recognized on a national platform like ‘The American Dream’ allows us to amplify our message of women’s empowerment and social justice.”

”The American Dream” has chosen to showcase the work of the 365 Foundation due to its commitment to advocating for equal rights and providing safe spaces for women to express themselves. The show streams on the Travel Channel, HGTV, Prime Video, Roku, Apple TV, and Bloomberg Television. Read More Here

Led by Executive Director Natalie Venezia, the foundation has identified the alarming rise in female incarceration rates as a pressing matter that needs to be addressed.

Advocating for change: 365 Foundation takes on prison reform and reentry programs

The 365 Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization based in Lansdale, is taking on the critical issue of Prison Reform and Reentry Programs with a new initiative. Led by Executive Director Natalie Venezia, the foundation has identified the alarming rise in female incarceration rates as a pressing matter that needs to be addressed.

“This is not just about criminal justice reform; this is about human rights,” said Natalie Venezia. “We are committed to advocating for change within society’s most marginalized communities through our work in prison reform and reentry programs.”

Partnering with Montgomery County’s Reentry Initiative, the 365 Foundation works towards legislative changes through the Joint State Government Commission’s efforts. Their goal is to implement public education and community service initiatives that address issues such as confinement conditions for incarcerated women and their successful reintegration back into society. Read More Here