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Destiny Burrows – Director of Community Engagement

Destiny Burrows

Destiny Burrows (she/they) is one of the younger members of our team, but has been waiting they’re whole life for an organization like the 365 Foundation to come around. After growing up in a conservative town, where only the stereotypical, white, cisgender, and heterosexual “normal” was celebrated, Destiny learned how to embrace their own imperfectly perfect normal as a black queer woman in America, trying to defy all odds against her. With a constantly growing passion for the arts, (theatre, film/tv, photography) Destiny is always eager to use their creative mind to think outside the box in day to day situations. With time, patience, and dedication to their own evolution, she has been able to accomplish more than her young self could’ve ever imagined; their biggest accomplishment being falling in love with herself more and more everyday, while slowly but surely, growing into the person they always dreamed of being, while not letting anything, especially herself, keep her down. Destiny is as eager as ever to help other women and LGBTQ+ people to fall in love with their own imperfectly perfect normal, the way all of us deserve to, and to be doing it through the 365 Foundation is a dream come true.